Plastic surgeon

     Plastic surgeon    
Rytis Norkus

Plastic surgeon Norkus




          Irish Medical Council specialist registration No. 421777  in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

  •      Medical Degree at Kaunas Medical University (1992-1998) in Lithuania
  •      Internship, general surgery residenship and plastic surgery residenship  at Kaunas Medical University Clinics (1998- 2005)
  •      After 13 years of non-stop EU standart studies and practise he was graduated with  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery licence, fully acknowledged in EU
  •      After graduation in 2005 Rytis Norkus was awarded with fellowship in the USA in Plastic Surgery Department at Vanderbilt University Hospital and private clinic  Plastic Surgery Specialists.




  •      Kaunas Republic Hospital 2006-untill now, Lithuania
  •      Aestetic Surgery Center 2008-2013 (private clinic)
  •      Grozio pasaulis (private cosmetic surgery clinic) 2014 - untill now




       The author of first and sole up-to-date textbook in Lithuania for plastic surgeons "Plastine ir atkuriamoji chirurgija" (en. "Plastic and Reconstructive surgery", KMU publishers), 396 pages.


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